Thursday, February 14, 2008

And to our human family also...Love Suki & Thumber

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Mommy said that today is groundhog day? It's supposed to mean this rodent comes out of the ground and looks for his shadow...why would he do that? I can see him being concerned about whether or not I would be around to make his day an unhappy one! But really...

Why do they get special days?

When is CATS DAY?

This would be my take on this day...
I'm an indoor why would I care???

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What did the cat say to the elephant?


Why do elephants have grey skin?

.......To keep their insides together

Saturday, January 19, 2008


My mommy said that she saw something on her friend, Jeannie site and said that it might be an idea for me to talk about, seeing as it's one of my most favorite subject! Hers were 100 facts and I don't think I have that many [or mommy might be too bored to go that far] so here they are in no particular order:

1. I was born the same day as my human-sister's [PoD] daughter [AJ], so we share the same birth date. Which is good because then nobody will forget it!

2. I am a third generation previous names have been: Simco & Spooky! Notice they're all S's? I've always been part Siamese.

3. Everybody in my family [& Thumber] has blue eyes including my humans: QoH, Pod, BillyRoo, AJ & JD.

4. I cross my eyes when I want to confuse someone when they are looking at me...this brings the subject around to me. I do it to mice so it will confuse them...also so I can pounce on them!

5. I was born in Alberta on my mommy's sister's farm making her my first mommy and she called me "Eenie".

6. I had only one sibling, a sister, who was called "Meanie"! She lived up to her name!

7. Meanie and I moved to Saskatchewan with my now mommy and Meanie went to live with a neighbor who changed her name to "Cruella DeVille". She took a trip on the "Rainbow Bridge" a couple of years later.

8. My most favorite thing to do in the whole world is to be with my mommy!

9. My next favorite thing to do it to catch and play with mice.

10. I also share my living space and mommy with my great, great grand daughter "Thumber" and human brother BillyRoo [when he's not away working].

11. I DON'T PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS! I love chasing Thumber and keepinf her on her toes!


13. I DON'T LIKE TO SHARE MY BOXES! All boxes are mine!


15. I own a blog called "Baby Doodie" [kind of a silly name but mommy likes it]. I'd write more but mommy has to be talked into it and doesn't listen A LOT!

16. I like to be the first one into the litter box after it has been cleaned...just to make sure that Thumber understands who's top cat in our house!

17. I don't like to be dressed in clothing...I will lay down until it is removed.

18. I refuse to be walked on a leash or wear a collar!

19. My mommy has never had to bathe me...I'm that clean of a cat and she finds that she is not allergic to me or Thumber so she feels that we don't need extra cleaning.

20. I've learned how to puke everywhere just to get attention. Although it backfired on me once and I ended up in the vet's office with a thermometer shoved where it's not supposed to be! It turned out I was sick and had to have medicine but now I still use the puke thing to make my mom worry?

21. I used to be an outdoor/indoor cat for the first 5 years of my life. Now I'm just an indoor one.

22. I pretend that I don't like Thumber but I would really miss her if she was gone. Don't tell her I said that!

23. I don't like human food! I will nibble on somethings but most just to see what it is.

24. I LOVE to bug mommy when she's trying to cook a meal...I ask lots of questions!

25. I LOVE to the center of attention and I have this cute begging thing that I do that gets me the attention that I need.

26. I sleep 20 hours out the day

27. I KNOW when my mommy is sick...I like to comfort her!

28. I am always waiting at the door when she comes home full of questions that need to be answered.

29. I love it when mommy decorates. She takes out her toys and I get to play with them.

30. I hate car rides!

31. When we lived out in the country mommy and I used to go for walks. Now that we've moved into Dodge we don't do that any more :(

32. I don't like the place where we are living right now...not enough windows to look out.

33. I loved to sit on the edge of the bath tub when my mommy is soaking in the tub, trying to relax. I still play with the bubbles. Mommy says I ask too many questions when she's trying to relax?

34. Right now I am the same age [human years] as my mommy which is 56...she doesn't mind if I tell someone her age cause she doesn't let age bother her.

35. My most favorite food is called "Salmon, Tuna & Shrimp" by Fancy Cat. Mommy has tried tricking me by giving me others...but I know the difference!

36. My favorite treat that mommy makes for herself is a cream cheese dip with crackers. I sit watching her until she gives it to me [on a plate of course] and it has to be on little bits of crackers.

37. My favorite thing to do while playing [after a long nap] is to sit in a box and have mommy throw toys into it. I then scoop up the toy with my claws and throw it out. It's a game we like to play together.

38. My most favorite toys are these three stuffed cats and I like to try and pull their legs off but I never can as they are made way too tough!
39. I like to play with the yarn as mommy tries to knit something [she doesn't do that to often].

40. I like to be at my mommy's feet when she's trying to make her food but not when she is washing her dishes...she's way too messy and I get wet every time.

41. I love to eat grass. In the summer mommy brings in fresh stuff...she says it's like feeding rabbits...whatever that means?

42. I love to look out the window and miss my other place where there were LOTS of windows.

43. I love to climb trees but since I've been made into an indoor cat I don't get that pleasure any more and mommy keeps promising me that she will build me something soon?

44. I love to watch my mommy do stuff and I try to give her lots of hints but she never listens much.

45. I like to meow at my human brother's door when ever he's at home. I don't know why her keeps the door closed from me...he says that I puke on his bed too much...which I've only done once!

46. I love unwrapping presents! I love the sound of paper being torn.

47. I hate being cold!

48. I like to sleep under my mommy's blankets at night...we sleep together until she gets too restless and then I have to sleep somewhere else!

49. I don't like having my picture taken as mommy never knows when to quit flashing that thing in my face...I see spots for a long time.

50. I never went to school and I know I'm smarter than most animals/people that I know!

So that's all I can think of for now. If my mommy had let me do more things then maybe I would have more to tell you...

Monday, January 14, 2008


I've just received my first award from one of my new friends - BJ from Serendipity. It's called the "Thinking Blogger's Award:
This is the first person who really has read between the lines on my blog and has accepted my thoughts as thoughts instead of just attitude...I really am a deep thinker! One has to be in order to live with my mommy QoH who is the deepest thinker I know!

So in turn who do I think are BIG THINKERS...

1. BJ -Serendipity: for inspiring me to keep thinking and for really being understanding! I like her stories cause it makes mommy read to me!

2. Miss Peach's Meows...with all of her problems she just keeps on going and going and going! She is an inspiration to all us cats!

3. Daisy the Curly Cat...she's got my kind of attitude and always leaves me with kind thoughts!

4. Simply Siamese...Kaze, Latte & Chase. The have my most favorite topics and I especially like their "Meezer Rules". It takes a lot of thinking to do all these.

5. Last but not mommy Queen of Halloween! If it was for her and her fingers I wouldn't be thinking at all!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


As you might of guessed...Mommy should have looked before jumping to any conclusions!

She figured that the ad took too much effort and a lot of designing [she should know cause that's part of her job] to be a bogus thing...well she was wrong! If you click on the ad the heading reads "Save good people from bad products"...some ads leave you wondering "what were they thinking"? It was advertising for opinions on misleading advertising and what people thought of them?

I think it's a great idea for a treat and it has great wrapping for what could be something tasty for cats and dogs. Some of you out there already make animal treats for your own pets! What would be so wrong about adding diced ham to them?

I might even like one?