Sunday, September 30, 2007


My throat is sore from all of the meowing I have to do to get mommy to let me have my turn on this machine that she seems to spend so much time on!

Thumber and I have so much fun in our new place! There is this one cat that likes to visit us a lot. She likes to try and surprise us by jumping up on the window screen downstairs! We think she is trying to be an indoor cat like we are...but mommy won't let her! Mommy says there is too many cats in here right now?

Anyways...when this cat jumps up it scares both Thumber and me and it makes us go into the "attack" mode. As you can see by the picture below, Thumber just hates this cat and it drives her crazy because she can never get at her! With all the noise the both of them makes it scares me and I have to go and see what's going on! See how fluffed both our tails are?

Mommy said that later this cat had a litter of kittens in the bushes that is beside our place and she would occasionally leave some food and water out for her. One day the kittens were gone and mommy said that the mother cat must have moved them to a safer place?

One night mommy heard this kitten meowing real loudly and she just had to go out and find it. Mommy said that it was bitterly cold out and when she found the kitten it was shivering from the cold! Mommy called PoD and she came down and got it...mommy wasn't sure that the kitten would be safe around Thumber and me? Like we would hurt a baby...? The next day mommy heard more meowing outside and went out and found four more! BillyRoo was home at that time and had to help her catch all of them. They tried to find the mommy cat but she was now where to be found...someone had said that a black cat had been killed crossing the street!

Mommy said that the kittens were too young to be out on their own so she decided to take them to the SPCA in a big town near us, so they can find homes for them. Mommy said the kitten were pretty wild and hopefully they can be tamed?

Mommy was pretty sick at this time and I would sit with her to try and keep her calm...her heart didn't sound too good and she said that my purring made her feel better!

One day she went away for a long time and Thumber and I were really unhappy!

The days were pretty sad for us until she finally came back! Her heart sounded a lot better and she was like she was before. Then she started coughing a lot and had to go away again...this made us unhappy again! She spent a lot of time coughing and having to go away...I was becoming really worried that I would follow her everywhere...more than I've ever done before!

One day she started the "packing boxes" thing again and she said that we were moving...again! I made her laugh when I brought her toys that I though she should pack! The next thing I know Mommy took us to our new house! This house was so much smaller than our last place and had hardly any windows where we could look out! Thumber didn't like the move too much and she pouted by stay hidden from mommy for a few days until she couldn't take it anymore and had to go pee! After that everything was fine and mommy stopped her coughing. She said that the other place was making her sick and no one was going to live there until it was fixed up!
I kind of liked the place as Thumber can't away from me when were playing "chase each other" and I don't have to run as far!

This is a pic of me getting ready to scare Thumber!

This one shows Thumber being mad because I scared her...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If I Owned A vehicle!

This is what it would look like....

Only I'd have it painted to look like ME!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Finally! I'm back!

My mommy has been soooo busy at the stuff that she does and hogging all of the computer time that I haven't had my say...which is quite a lot!

But I figured I would rather show you pictures of just ME!!

This is me working with mommy....I make sure she gets things right!I like to ask lots of Doing?...Can I see?....Whatcha Doing?...Are you sure your not eating something I'd like?....Whatcha doing?.....Can I help?....Whatcha doing?....Sometimes I make sure all of her papers don't fall off the desk! I'm always alert to make sure mommy misses nothing! Sometimes I have to make sure the computer doesn't fall off the desk so I stretch out in front of it....I can even turn it off for her...This makes her really excited and she says I have to sit in the corner? Sometimes I show her how I feel about that!

Sometimes mommy gets her stuff in things she calls "boxes"...these are neat places to hide in and I make sure that NO ONE...including "the Brat" gets to go in them!

Mommy likes rocks and she has lots of them in her shop? She says that they remind her of things so she puts this stuff all over them so other people can see what she sees....I help her by rubbing them clean for her...I can't help it if some of my fur gets on it...I think she should appreciate the cleaning and quit complaining!

When other people come over and no one is listening to me I have this "cute" thing that I do so they will stop yakking and pay attention to me...I get lots of ooohs and awes when I do this...

But after a hard day at the needs to take a break...