Friday, September 14, 2007


Finally! I'm back!

My mommy has been soooo busy at the stuff that she does and hogging all of the computer time that I haven't had my say...which is quite a lot!

But I figured I would rather show you pictures of just ME!!

This is me working with mommy....I make sure she gets things right!I like to ask lots of Doing?...Can I see?....Whatcha Doing?...Are you sure your not eating something I'd like?....Whatcha doing?.....Can I help?....Whatcha doing?....Sometimes I make sure all of her papers don't fall off the desk! I'm always alert to make sure mommy misses nothing! Sometimes I have to make sure the computer doesn't fall off the desk so I stretch out in front of it....I can even turn it off for her...This makes her really excited and she says I have to sit in the corner? Sometimes I show her how I feel about that!

Sometimes mommy gets her stuff in things she calls "boxes"...these are neat places to hide in and I make sure that NO ONE...including "the Brat" gets to go in them!

Mommy likes rocks and she has lots of them in her shop? She says that they remind her of things so she puts this stuff all over them so other people can see what she sees....I help her by rubbing them clean for her...I can't help it if some of my fur gets on it...I think she should appreciate the cleaning and quit complaining!

When other people come over and no one is listening to me I have this "cute" thing that I do so they will stop yakking and pay attention to me...I get lots of ooohs and awes when I do this...

But after a hard day at the needs to take a break...


Jackson said...

It's hard work being cute, right? You've got devil eyes in a couple of those photos, which is scaring me a bit! J x

Blue said...

Glad to hear you keep mummy QoH on her toes by helping out!
Love the cute paw trick to get attention - bet it works every time.

Gentle strokes & tickles

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys...thanks for dropping by! It's hard being cute and the long grueling hours at work makes my eyes red...or maybe it's mommies inability to use "red eye" clean-up on the photos that might have something to do with it?
Many meows to you both...Suki