Thursday, August 30, 2007


Thumber and I moved to this great big house! My mommy said it was her new work shop! We now had lots of room to run around in and lots of stairs to climb!

I was finally getting used to Thumber...mainly because she was getting bigger and wasn't as cute any more...nobody was oohing and awing like before. She started to not like other people and she would run away whenever anyone came over...she would let BillyRoo hold her and mommy but nobody else! That was ok with me...I was center star again!

This big place was lots of fun! Thumber and I could play this game where she would hide and I would try to find her then I would hide and she'd try to find me! My mommy, daddy and BillyRoo started making a mess downstairs and Thumber and me had to stay upstairs while they were doing this. A lot of the time we played "chase us" with the humans and it was fun but it also made Thumber especially afraid of PoD, the girl human that came over once in awhile!

The sad thing was that my mommy said I could no longer go outside and that I was now an indoor cat like Thumber. Thumber and I had lots of windows that we could look out of but I never was allowed out again...except this one time when someone left the back door open and I sneaked out. It was different out there now and there were these big scary moving things that mommy called cars and I didn't know where I was. She finally realized that I was gone and came looking for me! When she opened the back door I rushed inside and boy was I happy that I was out of that scary place! I still want to go out side but I would like it to be back where I was before and not out where we are now!

Once in awhile Thumber and I would find these moving toy things that mommy called "mice" and we would bring them to mommy to show her how good we were at catching them. I remember some really big ones where we used to live and I would bring them also to mommy and she called them "gophers"...I called them "big mice" except that they tasted different! One day my mommy was really excited and she called Thumber and me to see what she found. It was one of these big mice! Somehow it got inside mommy's new shop and she wanted us to play with it! Thumber was scared of it so she ran away! This one was different than the ones I found before and I really wasn't interested...besides mommy had just woken us up from our nap time and I was still sleepy. I guess mommy didn't want it either as she ran around trying to catch it...she wasn't very good at it! She did finally get it into a box and carried it outside. She said that she let it go back to it's own home! Silly mommy...she would have had something good to eat if she had only kept it! Maybe I could have played with it after I was more awake!

I forgot to tell you that my "before mommy" would come to see me once in awhile! She always oohed and awed over me and Thumber never liked her to pick her up so I had her all to myself! I liked it when she would visit cause then I had two mommies! One day I heard lots of screaming and crying and it was coming from my mommy! When I went to see what it was all about mommy picked me up and hugged me really hard and made my fur all wet with this salty stuff that came from her eyes. She told me that her sister had just been killed and my other mommy would never see me again...I wasn't sure what was going on but it hurt me to see my mommy so sad! I don't like it when this salty stuff comes out of her eyes and so I made sure after that to always be there for her when it did!

Mommy also said that I would never see my other mommy again but she was wrong. Thumber and I always play with these round things that float in the air and fly around us...we like to chase them! Mommy always laughs at us when we do that because I don't think she can see them! One day she showed me this picture and it was the day that my other mommy came and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Most people think mommy is crazy when she tries to tell people about the round spots that she calls orbs. Thumber and I can see them!

Thumber and I also like to fight sometimes...mostly playing but Thumber has big feet and she likes to scratch. She also curls up into a ball and I can't wrestle her when she does that. She has always played like that! She puts her back feet over her shoulders and I can't bite her belly!

One day BillyRoo brought Thumber and me a new place to hide in but the only problem was that it was too small for us to get into. I could fit part of my body into it but Thumber couldn't. I liked sitting on the top of this thing and wait for Thumber to go by and then I would jump on her...I liked scaring her! I also used to climb around the sides of it scratching it and pretending that it was Thumber. But after awhile it got boring and mommy gave it to PoD because she said that PoD had a kitty that would really get some use out of it. I was mad at first but then I still had my other scratching post that I could climb and sleep on...Thumber and I really like that one!

Got to go now...mommy wants her turn!

Of course there is still more about "I'll be back"....

Sunday, August 26, 2007


The next part about me is not a subject I am too crazy about!


Mommy says the reason that she has more pictures of Thumber when she was little was because she got a new "Digital" camera and could take more pictures without the expense of buying film for the camera she had when I was little. As far as I'm concerned the expense would have been worth it...who wouldn't want cute pictures of me when I was little. I don't really like having my pictures taken by her new camera as it shines a light in my eyes first then flashes again and then I get to see more spots later!

Anyways...Thumber had to stay out in the porch at night time cause mommy said that I wasn't to be trusted around her until she was older and could defend I would pick on a baby....?

This little creature took over everything that I classify as mine and I got pictures to prove it:
This used to be my spring ball toy! Mommy said that I didn't play with it any more so that I should share it with the little brat! I did break it and it no longer stood up properly I gave in and let her have it. Mommy said I still had my toy mice to play with as Thumber wasn't old enough yet to bother with them. The one thing I did like was that she slept a lot [believe it or not...more that I did at that time] and kept away from me when she was awake.
As she got older she even found out the warm spot of my mommy's work chair and began to take over that place also. I got so sick and tired of anyone oohing and awing over her!

Thummer had big feet but this kitten had bigger feet and looked different from his and mine!
My mommy said that Thumber had an extra pad plus toes whereas Thummer had actual thumbs and could grab for things like a human. Thumber's just made her feet and legs bigger! She also looked funny with one of her toes being black while the others were white!

Thumber had a bad habit of chewing on my boxes! Can you imagine the slobber all over the areas where I would rub my mark it as mine...yuk! One day mommy noticed that Thumber's mouth was swollen and it looked like someone had punched her in the mouth...I swear it wasn't me! Seems her chewing habit rubbed her mouth sore and then it got infected...serve her right for slobbering all over my things! The box chewing, happened quite a lot until the infections got really bad! Mommy said that it was abscessed [what ever that meant] because the side of her face got really swollen! She called the vet and they said that it happens a lot with some cats and not to worry too much about it and that it would probably burst on it's own...which it did! There was this gross and yukky smelly stuff all over the house! Thumber did eventually stop chewing my boxes [actually every time she got in my boxes after the pus incident I would chase her out]! Thumber hated having it cleaned daily and would run a hide hoping that mommy couldn't find her...stupid kid...Mommy always knows where we are!
One day Thumber and I were put in the car again and I was worried that we were going to the "smelly place with the man who hurts you" and instead we found ourselves in a really big place with lots of room to run and play in.

Mommy said this was our new home!

"All about Me...part 6" will be about my new home...oh and Thumber's also!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Continuing with my saga [as mommy calls it] I left off where this big orange and white cat comes to live with us. The boy human, BillyRoo, moved back in with us and brought his cat with him. Mommy said that BillyRoo had a job far away and needed a home for his cat, Thummer.

Thummer was a big boy cat and he had big feet! One day my mommy showed me his paws and I saw that they didn't look like mine! He had an extra toe pad on the side of his leg and mommy said that made him a "polydactyle" meaning he had 6 toes on all of his feet. She called it his thumb? This made him look real strange and I got to feel the bigness by how hard he would hit me with those big feet! Mommy was always breaking up our fights!

I never liked Thummer cause he was always trying to wrestle me like the outside boy cats used to do and he would also leave his smell all over the house. This made mommy angry! She told BillyRoo that if he wasn't going to get his cat fixed [whatever that meant] he had to go outside. I was hoping for the outside part!

Outside he went...yipee! He didn't come in the house too often after that, except for when BillyRoo would come home and to eat. Mommy said that he wasn't a good mouse catcher and that he preferred the wrestling than to earning his way[what ever that meant] by keeping the rodent population down!

When Thummer was in the house he would steal my blankets and spend most of the day sleeping it away! The Daddy human liked this a lot because Thummer liked doing what he liked doing the most...sleeping!

Thummer would sometimes stay away for a couple of days and this would make mommy worry about him...which was crazy as far as I was concerned...he always showed up after awhile.

Until this one time...the daddy human came into the house with sad news...Thummer got hit on the highway and was now dead! I never really wanted him to die!

The news made mommy really sad and made her feel bad that he had to go outside, against BillyRoos wishes for him not to. Poor BillyRoo had to bury him and mommy attended cause she liked Thummer also! Mommy said that Thummer has a nice new resting place under the trees where BillyRoo used to have his "fort" when he was little.


Mommy said that Thummer left his legacy [whatever that means] in the population of the cats out in the yard.

One day she found that one of my kittens was a mommy also and that one of the kittens born to her was a "poldactyle"! When it was old enough to be away from her mommy, my mommy brought her in to stay with us and become an indoor cat! She called her "Thumber" and she was my great, great grand daughter and Thummer's daughter! What was so great about that? Now I have to share my mommy with her!

My mommy says I got to write about I'll start with just a picture that mommy says is real cute? So stay tuned for part 5...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Friends

I Just have to tell the world that I have two new friends and they are Blue from http://ifonlyifonlyid.blogspot,com and Jackson from they left comments for me on my site! Blue is a human friend and Jackson is a wire fox know...a dog!

I know that I said that I didn't like "dogs who got into my face" but he doesn't count as he lives far away across the ocean in the UK [where ever that is?] and can't get into my face and there is NO WAY my mommy will get on a plane [what ever that is?] and fly there! I know I can't fly cause I don't have wings! We will be keyboard pals!

Blue even wrote about me in her blog to you all must go and read about me....

A BIG MEOW WELCOME to my new friends!!!


Finally I was old enough and bigger that my mommy let me go outside! That was pretty scary for me! Mommy and I would go for a walk around the yard and she would keep the other cats away from me...they were the scary things! I loved exploring the best! There was grass and bugs to eat, trees to climb, things to was so much fun!

After awhile she let me go out by myself and that's when the other cats learned to leave me alone! They tried picking on me but I stood up for myself and they saw how sharp my teeth and claws are. They even learned to run away when they saw me coming! I was boss of the yard.

I also found out that I only like boy cats when I start feeling crazy...something makes me go nuts! I liked wrestling with them! But one day I noticed I was getting fatter and my tummy made me waddle a lot! Not too long after that I was having these pains and I wanted to find a safe box to hide in. Mommy must have known what I was thinking cause she gave me a real nice box that had a soft blanket in it. That box made me feel better but not long after that the pains in my tummy got worse! They hurt so bad that I thought I needed the dirt box but I didn't want to leave my comfy box. Then there was this big pain and I just had to go when all of a sudden this thing came out of my butt was all wiggly and something in me told me to clean I did! While this happening my mommy and boy human [BillyRoo] were all excited! They were oohing and awing while this was happening to me...crazy humans! The little wiggly thing was a baby me...humans called it a kitten? Well, this happened to me 5 times and then they started to suck on my boobies and it felt so good that I fell asleep cause I was so tired after all of that messy stuff! My mommy said that I was now a mommy and that I had to look after those things called kittens! I loved all of them...but couldn't tell them apart cause they were all black! Here's a picture of me and my babies...mommy liked putting them outside the box after they were old enough to they could learn to more around more...this only made me worry more!

When my babies were old enough and didn't need me anymore they went outside to live. After awhile I forgot about them and them me.

Well, this happened to me one more time and I knew just what to do...this time I had 5 more babies [again] and they were all white! These ones Mommy said looked just like me and she said that they were Siamese crosses also!

After this happening mommy decided that she didn't want any more kittens so she took me to a weird smelling place and left me there? That was a scary place and the man human poked me with this sharp thing that made me go to sleep and the next thing I remember was waking up to pain and throwing up! I needed my mommy! Finally she showed up and took me out of there! I was sick on the ride back to our place and mommy had a nice soft box for me the lay in! After that I didn't like to wrestle with boy cats anymore!

I was always the boss outside until the outside cats started to have babies and then the mommy cats got really mean! They were acting like Meanie did all of the time and every time I would go outside they would drive me out of the yard. There was an empty building across the road from us and I liked to go there and it had lots of living play toys that tasted pretty good also! So when the cats drove me away I would go there and stay out all night. Sometimes my mommy would come and get me and take me back home. She didn't like me going there!

One day this boy cat came to live in our house and he was an indoor cat...I didn't like him! My mommy said this cat was BillyRoo's cat and they came to stay for good!

Mommy says she need the computer so when you come back I will tell you the story of "Thummer"...the cat with the big feet!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The next day after Meanie and Me got to our new home we spent most of it looking around. It was strange not having our mommies around but I just love my new human mommy. I follow her everywhere!

Meanie is not too happy being here...last night we slept in a strange thing called a box and we got closed up in a room that wasn't like our barn [it smelled nicer] and there were no cows around...which I kind of like cause nothing will step on me. I wonder where the cows are? Although my new Mommy nearly stepped on me cause I like hiding under that long thing she wears! I don't know why I always want to be around her but I do!

My new mommy gave me a new name and she calls me Suki...she says my full name is Sukiyama but I like Suki better...cause it sounds familiar to me like I've heard it before? Our new mommy didn't change Meanie's name cause she says that it suits her...I wonder why?

Mommy wasn't to happy with Meanie cause she says that she keeps peeing everywhere except in the dirt box. I like the dirt box better cause then I can hide where I've been and nobody gets mad at me like they do to Meanie!

We have some neat things to play with and they smell really good! My mommy calls them toys? Meanie always wants to take my toys away from me and even beats me up when I don't let her. She always gets her own way cause she's bigger than me and can be really bad to me when she is angry which seems to be all of the time.
One day a new female human came into our house and said that she really liked Meanie! My mommy said that she could have her cause she didn't like Meanie's attitude...whatever that meant? She picked Meanie up and for the first time I heard Meanie purring...she really liked that new human and never tried to bite her like she did everyone else. This new human even gave Meanie a new name...she called her "Cruella Deville"...Crue for short. Meanie left with that human and I never saw her for a long time after that and when I did I didn't know her any more and we always growled at each other! Crue also became an outdoor cat and my mommy took me to Crue's new place to visit once and I got to see where all the cows went cause she now lives on a new farm. I heard later [after a couple of years] that Crue died trying to give birth to her 3rd batch of kittens...poor Crue!

My mommy spent a lot of time in one room that had lots of boxes in it...she called it her "work" room. I liked that room cause I could hide in these boxes and mommy would throw toys in them for me to find. Sometimes I would scare her by touching her leg when ever she stood by my boxes or pop out when she was trying to get something out of the full ones. Don't I look cute here? Mommy always had an extra chair in her room and I spent sleeping on it. I liked my mommy's chair the best and whenever she got off of it I would jump up on it and make myself comfy. This of course bugged my mommy cause she always had to put me down. I don't know why cause I was only keeping it warm for her!
If you've noticed my face has changed. In the above pictures my face is mostly grey with a white space just before my ears and my tail has stripes? As I got older I lost the white space and my tail is no longer mommy says that because of my genes...I don't wear genes so what's she talking about?

My most favorite time of the year is Halloween and Xmas cause that's when my mommy takes out all of her toys and puts them all over the house for me to play with. Although she says that I'm not supposed to play with them...but what she doesn't know after she goes to bed doesn't hurt her! After all she's always playing with my toys when we play together so why can't I play with hers when she plays with her toys? The one thing she does let me do is play in the paper after they tear them off the boxes at Xmas and I can also play in the boxes...I have so much fun! Then they ruin it all by doing something that they call "cleaning"...this is a confusing times for me also. I hate it when she has to put all of her toys away!See how my fur has changed by the next Xmas? A my mommy says that it's strange how I am darker in the winter than in the summer...I haven't noticed the all tastes the same to me?
Gotta go now so Mommy can get back to to stop wasting time...?

Monday, August 20, 2007


It took a long time to scrape up some photos of me when I was little because Mommy QoH is still in the process of unpacking and there is lots of boxes to go through to find anything and waiting on other humans to get her the other photos that were given to the other human that used to live here!

This one makes me look wacky but it's how I looked at 8 weeks and this is my curious look!

I can now start my story which begins on a farm near Fleet Alta. I was born to a litter of 3 and one of my brothers didn't live very long. That left me and my sister. My human mommy called us Eenie and Meanie, me being Eenie. She actually name my sister first cause she was so mean to everybody...not my sister! We were born in the loft of what my humans call a garage and there was lots of room to play. But was also a dangerous place and if you got too close to the doorway you could fall out and that is just what happened to my brother...falling out means you don't come back! One day my mommy Cuddles moved my sister and me to a place they call the barn and we didn't have to worry about that doorway any more. I don't like moving too much as it hurts and mommy had to grab us around the neck and carry us there...that wasn't nice at all! But we had lots or room to play after that and we didn't have to worry about no doorway to fall out of. We did have to worry about these big animals that my human called cows cause they didn't watch where they put their feet and I almost got stepped on!

I loved my human mommy cause she liked to pick me up if I meowed at her long enough and carry me around so I could see what she was doing...she said she should have called me nosy...what ever that means...I'm just curious and I need to know what everyone is doing...that's all! My sister Meanie didn't like being carried around too much and that was okay with me...we didn't like the Man human cause he said that there was too many cats around here and that they should get rid of us...we stayed away from him. Meanie and I had to watch out for the daddy cats cause they were mean to us also and we would run and hide if they came around. We got pretty good at hiding! The boy human was okay and liked to play with us sometimes when he wasn't busy but we would only let our human mommy pick us up! They had a dog that liked to chase us and if we got caught he would slobber all over us and I hate having to clean myself after that cause he taste awful...I don't like dogs too much...they scare me and there always barking at nothing! I don't like being there toy!

My human mommy like to play in the place she called her garden and Meanie and I would play with her. We would hide behind these plants she was playing with and jump out and try to scare her...I liked hearing her laugh! Sometimes she wasn't too happy with us if we did it too much or jumped on those things she was playing with.

One day we saw this big machine stop at her garden and we both ran to hide cause we didn't know who it was and we had learned that some humans aren't nice...especially the little humans! First this female human got out and was walking down talking to my human mommy, something about her made me feel like I knew her but how could I when I never saw her before. Then the boy human got out and I felt like I knew who they were! I decided that I would check them out and left Meanie who wanted to keep hiding. I couldn't keep from running up to them...the feeling I got was too strong and they made me feel happy. I don't know why...they just did! I ran up to the boy and I let him pick me up! He felt so good that he made me purr...something I only did when my human mommy petted me. He carried me to the other human and she wanted to hold me also and I let her. That surprised my human mommy because I don't normally let strangers touch me? But these didn't feel like strangers to me...somehow knew them! Even Meanie let them hold her [when she finally came out of hiding] and that made it even more strange?

My human mommy carried us to the big machine, gave us both a big kiss [she did that a lot] and the next thing I knew we were sitting on this boys lap and we were now inside. I wasn't scared at all...cause they made me feel like I was at home and for once Meanie wasn't complaining either! The loud noise scared us at first and then we started moving. I felt so happy to be there and the boy felt so nice and warm that my sister and I fell asleep.

The next thing I knew we weren't moving anymore and the boy carried us into a big building that we hadn't seen before but it felt like I knew this place cause I wasn't scared. Meanie was and she peed on the floor as soon as the boy put her down! I had to go also but something about the place told me that peeing wasn't allowed inside and I wanted to go downstairs. Why...I don't know? Somehow I felt that I'd been here before! I was right because there was a place for me to pee in downstairs...that even surprised my new mommy!

Somehow I was home...again?

I'm supposed to stop talking so she can get to I'll be back as soon as she lets me again...

Monday, August 13, 2007


My mom, Queen of Halloween [QoH], got my human-sister [PoD] to set up a place where I can finally have my say! I figured my continual meowing would drive her nuts enough to get my turn on this thing she calls a blog...cause she really doesn't know what's going on in my head and I want to set the world straight ABOUT EVERYTHING!

First off I want everyone to know that my name is Sukiyama but you can call me Suki! Baby Doodie is my mom's pet name for me and that was the only name the blogger accepted! Seems there is a lot of Suki's out there and I'm number one as far as I'm concerned!

I wanted to let every cat out there know that I'm ready to complain/praise about anything or any topic out there!

I got lots to say!

After all...what do you expect from a Siamese Cat!

Most siamese have a bad rep and I'm not one of them...I'm the nosy kind! I figure that if your talking...I need to be in the conversation and if you don't agree, then I will keep bugging you until you notice me! Anyone who is a nice person, I'll let them pick me up but if your a nasty person, I'll let you know also!

PoD couldn't figure out how to change the history on me cause every time she tried QoH lost her info and mine appear instead...QoH wasn't to happy about that and they figured they'd keep hers instead. You think she'd be happy about bring 10 yrs old instead of the old age of 56! Granted she said that my age equaled hers in human years so what's the big deal?

In my next post I will give you more about me and my life history....cause I am one unusual cat!

So all cats are welcome to visit and maybe even some nice dogs who like cats and need some hints on how to deal with us!