Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Mommy finally put out all of presents [& Thumbers] and placed them under the tree, telling us that we'd better not peek...we didn'tSeeing as Thumber and I were good and didn't snoop she let us look at them for awhile and I figured I'd test mine out to see how it would be come opening time...seems mommy wrapped mine well, cause I couldn't get it open! Look at all the bows...they're my favorite!

Thumber just sat there sniffing at her's, so naturally I had to go over to give her some hints on what to do! When I got a look at her's I saw that her's were bigger than mine and I'm sure she got more! So giving her the evil eye I managed to psychic her out and snitch one....

Then mommy called me a bad kitty and I tried to hide it...but she said that wasn't fair to Thumber so I told her that I was only trying to show her how to open it....

Finally Catsmas morning came and we got to open all of our presents....I had to open Thumber's cause she wasn't smart enough and obviously never listened to my lessons...
Mommy spent the rest of the morning getting her food ready for the supper later that evening and I helped her by asking lots of questions....

Hope your Catsmas was as good as mine?

Merry Catsmas to all....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Desert Island Disc

Jackson from Jacksonsworld tagged me to see if I could come up with my most favorite "Desert Island Disc". I'm not sure if this is on a disc or not but it's one of my all time favorite..."The Siamese Cat Song" from the movie "Lady and the Tramp" sung by my fav characters "Si and Am"....hopefully the you tube link works [mommy's such a incompetant with these things]

My Newest Theme Song!

"Hork The Hairball"

Hork the hairball we all sing,
Find the spot for best puking!
Make sure it doesn't sit a while,
Warm and wet will make us smile!
When mom steps in it without her shoes,
Cats score one and she will lose!
Hork the hairball we all sing,
Find the spot for best puking!

What more can one say....

Friday, December 21, 2007


Half of this was written by some other cat and I added my version to it...

"Jingle Balls"

Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the day,

Oh what fun they are to swat, and watch 'em dart away!

Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the day,

Oh what fun they are to swat, under the couch they'll stay!

Dashing through the house, chasing Thumber all the way,
Over the chairs we go, I’m laughing at our play!
Mommy’ll be home soon, time to play our part,
Oh what fun it is to run and hide, we’re oh so very smart!

Just a note to those who left me messages [TY your all great] about the pile of presents that I am sitting on in my last blog...they aren't mine! I was looking through them and not a single one of them was for me! Mommy said that she has hidden ours because she knows that Thumber and I will find them and open them while she's not home!

Like I'd do that.....?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Santa Claws Is Coming To Town

I better watch out
I better not cry
I better not pout
Mommy’s telling me why…cause
Santa Claws is coming to town

He's made a list,
And checked it twice;
Gonna bring me toys
and lots of mice.
Santa Claws is coming to town

He sees me when I’m sleeping
He knows when I’m awake
He knows that I’ve been good enough
So he’ll make no mistake!

I better watch out!
I better not cry.
I better not pout,
Mommy keeps telling me why
Santa Claws is coming to town!

To see me......and okay....maybe Thumber too?


to the tune of JINGLE BELL ROCK:

Kitty bell, Kitty bell, Kitty bell Cat
Kitty cat swings and kitty cat rocks.
Purring and zooming and bushels of fun!
Now the Kitty hop has begun!

Kitty bell, Kitty bell, kitty bell Cat
Kitty cat's happy cold's where it's at!
Kitties are zooming and playing with toys
in the frosty air!

It's the right time! It's the night time!
to zoom the night away
Kitty Cat time, it's a swell time!
To go zoomin over sleeping hoomins!

Get up lazy hoomin, get out of that bed
Time for zoomin cats to be fed!
Mix and mingle with the cats at your feet...
That's the Kitty cat...
That's the Kitty cat...
That's the Kitty cat ROCK!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


My human friend Blue tagged me for my favorite christmas songs with questions that I need to answer.

I would rather list my all time favorites instead:

1. Wreck the Halls
2. Jingle Balls
3. Fluffy the Snowman
4. Silent Mice
5. Santa Paws is Coming to Town
6. Oh Come All Ye Purrful
7. The First Meow
8. I Saw Mommy Hiss At Santa Paws
9. Joy To The Curled
10. Have Yourself A Furry Little Catsmas
11. Rudolph, The Red-Haired Tabby
12. Yark, The Furry Angel Sing
13. Oh Catnip Tree
14. Silver Bowls
15. All I Want For Catsmas is My Two Front Fangs
16. Jingle Bell Howl
17. Frost On My Toes…Man

Maybe some of my new friends can add more to my list instead of me tagging them? I just might tag Jackson to see if he can come up with some doggie ones?

I'd like to take credit for the creativity of these new titles but mommy says that I should give credit where credit is due [whatever that means] I don't remember where I saw them?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Found this on the Meowsers from Missour site and hopefully Mommy will change from her sounds to ones that I can appreciate more!

Also I like what they call mommy's Xmas to what they call "Merry Catsmas" where we will all wait for Santa Claws to drop the goodies into our "Booties".....

Monday, December 10, 2007


Finally the last ornament is in place and there isn't a space that hasn't been "decked"!

That's what mommy calls it when she hangs up all of her stuff! She even wails [she calls it singing] as she's doing it! I'm never sure whether Thumber and I should run and hide or check her out to see if she's okay?

Still, mommy has this obsession with putting up all of the decorations that she owns and can't rest until she does! This year I helped her [mostly when she wasn't looking]!
She finally got the tree all together and only changed it around twice. The place is too small to put up her big one [she put that one up in the store] so she use Trebor's small one and put it on one of her end tables. I had fun chasing the lights around the tree as she was putting them on. The balls this year are unbreakable and I played with them while mommy was hanging them up.

I don't like the tree sitting on the table because I can't hide under it anymore or snoop for my present!

Yesterday when mommy was decorating outside I got to sneak out when mommy forgot to close the screen door! I forgot all about that cold stuff on the feet! I definitely didn't go too far...too cold and wet for me! It's hard to walk and shake your paws at the same time! I did crab a lot when she picked me up and put me back into the house!

Mommy never has to worry about Thumber trying to get out cause she knows Thumber is too much of a scaredy cat to even stick her head out to look!

So here's what she finally accomplished...with my help...of course...The last pictures I want to show you are part of my Mommy's Tea Pot collections. The Santa one is the teapot with creamy and sugar, plus two mugs. The one is the tea sets that I would have liked to taken and shown Miss Peach's mommy...this one is my favorite, only I wished it could have been painted to look like me. It comes with a salt and pepper shaker. It did come with a cup but that got broken in the move.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Mommy has been busy these last two weeks putting more stuff on the walls and out in the porch! It's really kind of strange because she just finished taking down stuff from the walls from those areas and put them away. I do have to admit that this new stuff she is putting up looks better than all of those scary faces! It was really creepy when I'd go out there to look out the windows...having all those faces looking at me! Mommy called that stuff her Halloween Decorations? These new ones are called her Xmas ones?

Are all humans nuts that way or is it just my mommy?

With these new ones she has added a prickly tree that doesn't even have thick enough branches to climb on? What good is that? It doesn't even smell like a tree! Then she put all of those shiny things on it! I like shiny things but mommy doesn't let me play with them...yet she tells me to share my things with Thumber! She should have to share like I do!

Not being able to play with these new things drives both Thumber and me crazy! Some of the stuff moves on that tree and we like things that move...after all aren't we supposed to catch them for her? I don't see the sense of looking and not touching?

Thumber and I did have some fun chasing the stuff as she dragged them around the floor while she was trying to put them up! Mommy even wrapped me up in some of it and I even got to play with my stocking...what ever that means...I don't wear socks...she does? I tell you it gets harder and harder to figure humans out by what they are doing?

This weekend she says she's going to hang stuff outside if it gets nice enough? Why outside...we can't see it out there! Mommy says that it's for the enjoyment of others? See what I mean by being crazy?

It's also been getting pretty cold in here! Mommy says that she's been trying to save energy [whatever that means] by keeping the heat down. She says that were lucky that we have fur coats to keep warm in and she has to put on sweaters? She should try wear my fur! It's not very warm! You'd think by me huddling under my favorite blanket would show her how cold I am and cause the fur thing just isn't working! Thumber is trying to keep warm by sleeping under the chair that sits over the heat thingy...her furry coat isn't working either!

My mommy has also figured out that I've been throwing up my food because I am upset with her! She's right! She moved us here into this place and now we have nowhere to run around in like we used to do like in that other place and that's what is making us lazy! What else have I got to do all day long but lay around and eat!

She was telling me the other day that she's going to think of how we can go outside without being able to run free and get hit by a car? Sounds strange but knowing my mommy she'll think of something! So I'll keep reminding her constantly and maybe it will get done sooner!

Gotta run now as I think she's getting ready to go outside....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I spent the morning getting myself ready for the special tea pawty! I made sure my fur was nice and sparkly clean! Mommy said that she would make me an outfit for the outing but I said no thank you...after all she should know how much I dislike dressing up!
Blue and Jackson picked me up in Blue's Limo-Broom [which by the way was lots bigger than Mommy's old standard] and we got there in record time.
Blue was just as nice as Mommy said she'd be and Jackson was on his best behavior and never once got into my face! He's okay...for a dog.

You should have seen the pretty garden that we had tea in...isn't it gorgeous?

I got to meet Miss Peach and I really love her curly much more different than mine. I was happy to see the she was well enough to host this party for her Mom's birthday.

Miss Peach had lots of different tea sets and I got to use the one that my mommy said was her favorite...Isn't it nice.... It would be so perfect for Halloween!

They also had so much food there that I was afraid to eat because I might have pigged out and then up-chucked it, making a spectacle out of myself. They were gracious enough to let me take home a kitty-bag so I could eat it here and maybe share some with Thumber. I did nibble on a couple of minty mice and tried to drink the tea but the tea wasn't to my liking so they got me iced water instead.

When we were ready to go we were given a beautiful gold rose as a thank you for attending...isn't mine pretty!

All in it was a great time and I have to thank my hostess for inviting me.

Thumber said she never missed me when I was gone but I know she was fibbing!


Today I'm catching a ride with Blue on her Limo Broom and we are going with Jackson to Miss Peach's Tea Party that she is hosting for her Mommy's Birthday!

I'm so excited to be asked over and I will be on my best behavior and not demand too much attention for myself. Mommy says that I should take Thumber also but she wasn't invited and I told her that it would be too crowded. Besides this is a grown-up thing and Thumber might be to young. I told Thumber that I will ask if I can bring her back a treat instead.

I'm not sure what I'll wear as I hate dressing up and I think my fur is lovely enough to be shown off by itself. As to wearing a hat or way...might mess up my ears and I might not be able to hear anything and I hate missing out on any gossip!

So I'll write you later on how it all went.

Got to hurry as I'm not sure when Blue will be here?