Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This is my response to this Tag Game...
Here are the rules:

*Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog

* Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself

* Tag 7 random people at the end of your post & include links to their blogs

* Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I was asked by Tiger Lily if I would like to play this game?

This my first tag game and I hope I get it right....

Weird Facts About Me:

1. Mommy and I believe that I am a re-incarnated cat. Through my mommy's past she said that we have always been together. People who read this will think that we are nuts but we don't care. Mommy says that I am too much like these other cats and she's gone through enough cats in her life time to know the difference! She says that I was with her as a black/Siamese cat, named Simco [1962-1967], when she was a child and we didn't meet up again until I came to her life again in 1978-1996...again as a black/Siamese, named Spooky. We were again reunited in 1997 but this time I have just the colorings of a seal point Siamese. She says that all of my traits and personalities have always been the same and throughout the years I have always shown-up when she has needed me the most.

2. I always know when my mommy is sick! When she had her heart problems and her heart hurt, I would lay on her chest where her heart is and purr so loudly that it would calm her down and the hurt would ease. She finally got her heart fixed but I still come to her every night and purr until she is asleep...or I fall asleep [after all...I'm a cat].

3. I like to be the center of attention! If I see that I'm not the center, then I have this trick that I do to make sure that everyone notices me! I stand on my hind legs and stretch up as high as I can and bring my front paws up beside my ears and give them the cutesy eye look...this makes everyone go awwwwww...then they talk about me! Works every huh!

4. When mommy cleans out our litter box, I have to be the first one to use it! It doesn't matter that I really don't have to pee, it's just that I get the clean one first!

5. The other weird thing about me and the litter box is whether I'll let Thumber in it or not? If I catch her using it, I will chase her out of it and then completely over-bury her offerings! Mommy tried once to give us seperate boxes to use, but I still took control over both boxes! It's a wonder that Thumber doesn't have bladder problems!

6. I don't like human food! Although, I will pester mommy while she's making it because I have to ALWAYS know what she's doing! I even have this special meow that sounds just like I am saying "Whatcha doing? Can I see?"

7. I LOVE ICE CUBES IN MY WATER! Mommy and I both have this thing about having to have ice cubes in our water. If she forgets to put some ice cubes in my water, then she knows that I'll drink out of her cup instead. So she makes sure I have fresh cold water. I up-chuck more when the water is old and warm!

Now you know some of the weird things about me!
Who do I tag now......hmmmm?

1. tell about her "one true love"

2. tell about the "evil demon spawn"

3. Jackson...cause I want to know more about him

4,5,6,7. The hot(m)bc...all of the cats that live there "they sound like they would be lots of fun [if only I could let other cats into my space]

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Now it's not...

This about all of the caring "Animals With Blogs" and "Blue"!

I have to thank all of the 56 people, cats and dogs that left "Get Well Wishes" for me! You guys/girls are the greatest!

I am still having some problems with up-chucking but not as much. My mommy has tried all sorts of different food from over the counter to vet-selects and yet I still leave her reminders that all is still not normal. Some of you have left comments that it might mean that I am not chewing enough and I'm afraid that you might be right. It might also be a case of being a little piggy some times?

My mommy has been having a BIG problem with not being able to log on to Blogger to leave comments or write updates but she is trying hard to figure something out...hopefully soon?


Hopefully I'll be back to being my interesting self soon...

All stay well!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm finally starting to feel better and I'm happier now that Mommy's finally turned the heat up! It was really starting to get cold in here and I've had to sleep under my favorite blanket...

The last few weeks I've been feeling pretty poorly, still throwing up and such! Mommy changed my food again and I'm slowly getting used to it. I tried to rebel at first and wouldn't eat it but then I'd get really hungry and eat too much and then I'd have to throw it up...this made mommy even more worried. One day maybe things will get better?

With all my puking it's made me pretty tired and so I sleep the day away waiting for mommy to get home from work. Since we've moved here there hasn't been any windows to look out now mommy has had to close the windows because of the cold! I miss my old place where we had lots of room to run around and Thumbers and I could chase each other...all we do now is sleep!

Last night I had some fun with mommy!

Mommy was busy getting her supper cooked and was trying to feeding us at the same time. She was being really scatter-brained and was leaving the cubboard doors open...this is a no-no with me around! Of course I had to check out what was being kept inside, as I was checking it out...she closed the door on me!

These doors are spring loaded and are hard to push open with me just using my head...I would push it... then it would bang shut. I did this a couple of times and I could hear her go quiet and listen...I did this a couple of times more before she finally checked to see what was happening. She sure moved took her forever to open the door and when she finally did I jumped out before it would bang shut again. This apparently scared mommy cause I heard her yell at me saying that I'd scared her!

It was nice to hear her laugh again! She told me that she had hoped that it wasn't a ghost playing tricks on her!

Silly mommy...the ghost only lives upstairs!