Friday, January 4, 2008


Better late than mommy says?

Mommy has been going on and on about this thing she calls a new year's resolution! She's says that one has to make a list or have at least one item to change about themselves.

What if one is so perfect that they never have to change anything?

How can I change perfection?

She says that maybe I could change the way I feel about Thumber?

How does she know that I haven't? She's not home all day long...maybe I've been good to her while she's been gone? Thumber is still young and she still has a lot of learning to do and maybe she isn't smart enough to get it right the first time? How does she know it isn't a game we play with each other?

Or that, maybe, I could share my boxes?

Everybody know that all boxes in this household belong to me...the only box that I'm willing to share is the litter box! Even that has rules that applies to the use of it! That brat never covers the task is left up to me! Besides the one upstairs can be hers...climbing stairs is getting hard on the hip joints and she's the younger one!

Or that, I could be okay with her sleep in my favorite spots?

I've been letting her already or hasn't she noticed that? Besides it's a lot to ask with the way she drools when she sleeps and leaves the bed messy with all of her long she's already pushed the limits on that issue!

Or that, maybe I could let her eat first, instead of me? Then I'd starve to death cause that little piggy would eat it all and then I'd only have crumbs left from her throwbacks...yuk! If she thought I'd up-chucked a lot now...she'd see what would happen if I did!

Or that, maybe I could be less vocal when company comes?

That would mean I'd have nothing to say and it's not like there's a lot of company!

Or that, maybe I could let mommy eat in peace without always asking her "what's that...can I see"?

I'm only trying to see to her welfare...what if it wasn't good for her or she might be mistaken and eat my stuff?

So as to my new year's resolution....

So, I say to you all out there...HOW CAN I CHANGE SUCH PERFECTION?


Daisy said...

Happy New Year! You are very right, no need to make resolutions when you are already perfect!

The Crew said...

I don't need to make any resolutions. I know I'm already perfect!


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You can't change perfection and everyone knows cats are the most perfect creatures on the face of the earth!
Very cute picture of you!!!!!

The Meezers said...

Happy New Year! you don't need to make any changes or resolutions at all. everyone else does. hehehehehe

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

We cats definitely don't need to make resolutions. We are perfect.

Thank you for your positive thoughts. I am feeling much better. Dragonheart

Blue said...

Suki, what can I say, I'm laughing to much to comment.
I was quite right when I listed you, as cat with attitude!
Keep it up!

Gentle strokes & tickes

PS - Sorry I didn't include you in my 12 days of Christmas post, but decided to keep it to Dogs with Blogs [ the hampster is a honary member, which is more than I am!]

Queen of Halloween said...

Hey problem. The 12 days of Catsmas should be all about me! If it wasn't for "Attitude" where would a girl be? Purrs...Suki