Thursday, August 30, 2007


Thumber and I moved to this great big house! My mommy said it was her new work shop! We now had lots of room to run around in and lots of stairs to climb!

I was finally getting used to Thumber...mainly because she was getting bigger and wasn't as cute any more...nobody was oohing and awing like before. She started to not like other people and she would run away whenever anyone came over...she would let BillyRoo hold her and mommy but nobody else! That was ok with me...I was center star again!

This big place was lots of fun! Thumber and I could play this game where she would hide and I would try to find her then I would hide and she'd try to find me! My mommy, daddy and BillyRoo started making a mess downstairs and Thumber and me had to stay upstairs while they were doing this. A lot of the time we played "chase us" with the humans and it was fun but it also made Thumber especially afraid of PoD, the girl human that came over once in awhile!

The sad thing was that my mommy said I could no longer go outside and that I was now an indoor cat like Thumber. Thumber and I had lots of windows that we could look out of but I never was allowed out again...except this one time when someone left the back door open and I sneaked out. It was different out there now and there were these big scary moving things that mommy called cars and I didn't know where I was. She finally realized that I was gone and came looking for me! When she opened the back door I rushed inside and boy was I happy that I was out of that scary place! I still want to go out side but I would like it to be back where I was before and not out where we are now!

Once in awhile Thumber and I would find these moving toy things that mommy called "mice" and we would bring them to mommy to show her how good we were at catching them. I remember some really big ones where we used to live and I would bring them also to mommy and she called them "gophers"...I called them "big mice" except that they tasted different! One day my mommy was really excited and she called Thumber and me to see what she found. It was one of these big mice! Somehow it got inside mommy's new shop and she wanted us to play with it! Thumber was scared of it so she ran away! This one was different than the ones I found before and I really wasn't interested...besides mommy had just woken us up from our nap time and I was still sleepy. I guess mommy didn't want it either as she ran around trying to catch it...she wasn't very good at it! She did finally get it into a box and carried it outside. She said that she let it go back to it's own home! Silly mommy...she would have had something good to eat if she had only kept it! Maybe I could have played with it after I was more awake!

I forgot to tell you that my "before mommy" would come to see me once in awhile! She always oohed and awed over me and Thumber never liked her to pick her up so I had her all to myself! I liked it when she would visit cause then I had two mommies! One day I heard lots of screaming and crying and it was coming from my mommy! When I went to see what it was all about mommy picked me up and hugged me really hard and made my fur all wet with this salty stuff that came from her eyes. She told me that her sister had just been killed and my other mommy would never see me again...I wasn't sure what was going on but it hurt me to see my mommy so sad! I don't like it when this salty stuff comes out of her eyes and so I made sure after that to always be there for her when it did!

Mommy also said that I would never see my other mommy again but she was wrong. Thumber and I always play with these round things that float in the air and fly around us...we like to chase them! Mommy always laughs at us when we do that because I don't think she can see them! One day she showed me this picture and it was the day that my other mommy came and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Most people think mommy is crazy when she tries to tell people about the round spots that she calls orbs. Thumber and I can see them!

Thumber and I also like to fight sometimes...mostly playing but Thumber has big feet and she likes to scratch. She also curls up into a ball and I can't wrestle her when she does that. She has always played like that! She puts her back feet over her shoulders and I can't bite her belly!

One day BillyRoo brought Thumber and me a new place to hide in but the only problem was that it was too small for us to get into. I could fit part of my body into it but Thumber couldn't. I liked sitting on the top of this thing and wait for Thumber to go by and then I would jump on her...I liked scaring her! I also used to climb around the sides of it scratching it and pretending that it was Thumber. But after awhile it got boring and mommy gave it to PoD because she said that PoD had a kitty that would really get some use out of it. I was mad at first but then I still had my other scratching post that I could climb and sleep on...Thumber and I really like that one!

Got to go now...mommy wants her turn!

Of course there is still more about "I'll be back"....