Wednesday, October 3, 2007


My Mommy just happens to be the "Queen of Halloween" and she has always tried to get me to sir-e-e-e...not me!

Every times she tries, I fool her and just lay down!
I won't budge until she takes it off...nobody's gonna make a fool out of ME!
Thumber is even too smart to put up with that indignity! I guess were both smart & dignified cats!

I do have pictures of the foolish animals that don't mind...notice that they are mostly dogs?
Yup...never gonna be caught wearing anything like that...
I can be pretty scary dressing as myself!


Blue said...


Hear via mom, Queen of Halloween, your not to well
So sorry, please get better soon.

Gentle strokes & pets

Jackson said...

Yep, us dogs are pretty silly when it comes to dressing up. I'll do anything for a treat but I do draw the line at Yoda! J x