Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Suki's not here right now to blog...so me, her mommy, has dropped by to let her friends know how she is doing...


Seems I've been waving my magic "health wand" in so many other sick animal's directions that there's only a thin trickle left for her?

Six weeks ago [during the heat spell] she was throwing up a lot so I changed her food to a different ph balanced type and all seemed to be well...the throwing up stopped! But it seems not completely? I would find the occasional vomit spot, but there would be signs of hairball crap in them. Some of the food I was giving to her was for hairball problems so I figured that this might be expected? Her energy levels changed from feeling ill to lots of fun times with Thumber. I thought all was well? Seems I might be wrong?

These last few nights, Suki has been acting strange? I will be sound asleep only to be awaken by her leaning the back half her body against my exposed ear? She normally sleeps beside me but never around my face! It was like she was trying to tell me to listen to her tummy? Suki also prefers to be petted only on her head/face...never her stomach but this time she was offering her tummy up for rubbing...just like you would rub your stomach if it was aching? She was very demanding for me to pet her...just like you would comfort a child in pain!

I wasn't sure whether she had been peeing or not...as I have two cats who use the litter box. So I made one especially for Suki to use. Suki's habit has been to make sure that she gets to mark the litter with her scent first and can even be annoying with her jumping in before I am finished filling it. Not this time! She scratched around in it a couple of times but never tried to void either way? My thought was a bladder/bowel blockage...which can be very deadly to any animal! Upon further checking even her nose was warm and dry! Up goes the worry level!

For you others out there who are just like me and cannot afford to take their animal to a vet, this can be very distressful! It's not that we don't care enough to go deeper in debt for them it's just that we just "can't" go deeper in debt...plain and simple!

Thankfully I have kids who do step in and are now helping me to save something that is very, very important to me! This morning PoD and I took Suki to see the vet!

The vet has physically checked her out and outwardly, she seems to be fine. She's not over or under weight, her gums are pink and her bladder is a normal size. She wasn't crazy about having a thermometer violate her but I was happy to see that she had no fever. The next recourse is to have blood work done up, urine tested, etc....meaning she has to stay overnight. I hated leaving her there to suffer all alone...I know what it's like to be shut up in a hospital...even if you are sick!

Now all we have to do is wait and see...