Monday, January 14, 2008


I've just received my first award from one of my new friends - BJ from Serendipity. It's called the "Thinking Blogger's Award:
This is the first person who really has read between the lines on my blog and has accepted my thoughts as thoughts instead of just attitude...I really am a deep thinker! One has to be in order to live with my mommy QoH who is the deepest thinker I know!

So in turn who do I think are BIG THINKERS...

1. BJ -Serendipity: for inspiring me to keep thinking and for really being understanding! I like her stories cause it makes mommy read to me!

2. Miss Peach's Meows...with all of her problems she just keeps on going and going and going! She is an inspiration to all us cats!

3. Daisy the Curly Cat...she's got my kind of attitude and always leaves me with kind thoughts!

4. Simply Siamese...Kaze, Latte & Chase. The have my most favorite topics and I especially like their "Meezer Rules". It takes a lot of thinking to do all these.

5. Last but not mommy Queen of Halloween! If it was for her and her fingers I wouldn't be thinking at all!


Daisy said...

Congratulations on your award! And thanks ever so much for thinking of me, too. You are nice.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Thank you for giving Simply Siamese the award! Its very nice to meet you, I'm sorry I haven't visited before. Its been a rough week for us! I'll introduce you to the rest of the meezers.


Pet's are 4 Life said...

We demands ham cookies! We finks you should speak to your Momma and has her make them and packaged them and gives them to meezers. ;)

Jackson said...

Hey Suki, congrats on your award, you deserve it pal! Jx

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Congratulations on your award!

Tiger Lily said...

Congratulations on your Thinking Blogger award! I always enjoy reading your blog.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Suki I am so honored to take this award from your velvet paws:) You deserve it and thank you for passing it on to others.
Life is good and we soldier on no matter what!
Much love from Miss Peach

The Furry Fighter said...

congrats little suki! xxx