Tuesday, December 18, 2007


to the tune of JINGLE BELL ROCK:

Kitty bell, Kitty bell, Kitty bell Cat
Kitty cat swings and kitty cat rocks.
Purring and zooming and bushels of fun!
Now the Kitty hop has begun!

Kitty bell, Kitty bell, kitty bell Cat
Kitty cat's happy cold's where it's at!
Kitties are zooming and playing with toys
in the frosty air!

It's the right time! It's the night time!
to zoom the night away
Kitty Cat time, it's a swell time!
To go zoomin over sleeping hoomins!

Get up lazy hoomin, get out of that bed
Time for zoomin cats to be fed!
Mix and mingle with the cats at your feet...
That's the Kitty cat...
That's the Kitty cat...
That's the Kitty cat ROCK!