Monday, December 10, 2007


Finally the last ornament is in place and there isn't a space that hasn't been "decked"!

That's what mommy calls it when she hangs up all of her stuff! She even wails [she calls it singing] as she's doing it! I'm never sure whether Thumber and I should run and hide or check her out to see if she's okay?

Still, mommy has this obsession with putting up all of the decorations that she owns and can't rest until she does! This year I helped her [mostly when she wasn't looking]!
She finally got the tree all together and only changed it around twice. The place is too small to put up her big one [she put that one up in the store] so she use Trebor's small one and put it on one of her end tables. I had fun chasing the lights around the tree as she was putting them on. The balls this year are unbreakable and I played with them while mommy was hanging them up.

I don't like the tree sitting on the table because I can't hide under it anymore or snoop for my present!

Yesterday when mommy was decorating outside I got to sneak out when mommy forgot to close the screen door! I forgot all about that cold stuff on the feet! I definitely didn't go too far...too cold and wet for me! It's hard to walk and shake your paws at the same time! I did crab a lot when she picked me up and put me back into the house!

Mommy never has to worry about Thumber trying to get out cause she knows Thumber is too much of a scaredy cat to even stick her head out to look!

So here's what she finally accomplished...with my help...of course...The last pictures I want to show you are part of my Mommy's Tea Pot collections. The Santa one is the teapot with creamy and sugar, plus two mugs. The one is the tea sets that I would have liked to taken and shown Miss Peach's mommy...this one is my favorite, only I wished it could have been painted to look like me. It comes with a salt and pepper shaker. It did come with a cup but that got broken in the move.


Blue said...

Hi Suki!

Just been commenting on Mommies blog re the decorations.
It all looks great.
Had to laugh, with you, not @ you re the tinsel & stuff!!
They are such neat tea sets too.
Make mine look boring.
But, will get out my Christmas mugs tomorrow - only have two, but that's enough for just us!

Gentle strokes & tickles

Daisy said...

Your tree looks pretty!

I cannot believe you snuck outside. That sounds very scairty. I am Not Allowed outside, except on my harness and leash or in my stroller. You are brave.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Oh my gosh, you've go some nice things!!!

Jackson said...

Your decorations are pawsome! I love the teasets, especially the Santa one! J x

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