Sunday, December 9, 2007


Mommy has been busy these last two weeks putting more stuff on the walls and out in the porch! It's really kind of strange because she just finished taking down stuff from the walls from those areas and put them away. I do have to admit that this new stuff she is putting up looks better than all of those scary faces! It was really creepy when I'd go out there to look out the windows...having all those faces looking at me! Mommy called that stuff her Halloween Decorations? These new ones are called her Xmas ones?

Are all humans nuts that way or is it just my mommy?

With these new ones she has added a prickly tree that doesn't even have thick enough branches to climb on? What good is that? It doesn't even smell like a tree! Then she put all of those shiny things on it! I like shiny things but mommy doesn't let me play with them...yet she tells me to share my things with Thumber! She should have to share like I do!

Not being able to play with these new things drives both Thumber and me crazy! Some of the stuff moves on that tree and we like things that move...after all aren't we supposed to catch them for her? I don't see the sense of looking and not touching?

Thumber and I did have some fun chasing the stuff as she dragged them around the floor while she was trying to put them up! Mommy even wrapped me up in some of it and I even got to play with my stocking...what ever that means...I don't wear socks...she does? I tell you it gets harder and harder to figure humans out by what they are doing?

This weekend she says she's going to hang stuff outside if it gets nice enough? Why outside...we can't see it out there! Mommy says that it's for the enjoyment of others? See what I mean by being crazy?

It's also been getting pretty cold in here! Mommy says that she's been trying to save energy [whatever that means] by keeping the heat down. She says that were lucky that we have fur coats to keep warm in and she has to put on sweaters? She should try wear my fur! It's not very warm! You'd think by me huddling under my favorite blanket would show her how cold I am and cause the fur thing just isn't working! Thumber is trying to keep warm by sleeping under the chair that sits over the heat thingy...her furry coat isn't working either!

My mommy has also figured out that I've been throwing up my food because I am upset with her! She's right! She moved us here into this place and now we have nowhere to run around in like we used to do like in that other place and that's what is making us lazy! What else have I got to do all day long but lay around and eat!

She was telling me the other day that she's going to think of how we can go outside without being able to run free and get hit by a car? Sounds strange but knowing my mommy she'll think of something! So I'll keep reminding her constantly and maybe it will get done sooner!

Gotta run now as I think she's getting ready to go outside....


Blue said...

Hi there!
Now, don't worry about your Mom, this seasonal decorating thing is a human trait...
I've put up my tree, & I've no pussies to amuse or doggies to torment either
Just sit back & enjoy the pretty lights like I do...
Gentle seasonal strokes & ticlkes

Daisy said...

Here are some fun ways that I get to go outside and still be safe:

1. On my harness and leash. I really just wander around the backyard while my Mommie holds onto my leash.

2. I have a super-fantastic fabulous STROLLER! We go on 3 mile walks and I get to see birds and cars and people. It is very fun.

You should try it!

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

There are lots of cat fencing and enclosures on the web. If you have a porch or deck, it might be easier to screen that in.

It depends what your mom is allowed to do to the house, and how handy she is. (or how many handy friends/relatives she has in the area)