Thursday, August 23, 2007


Finally I was old enough and bigger that my mommy let me go outside! That was pretty scary for me! Mommy and I would go for a walk around the yard and she would keep the other cats away from me...they were the scary things! I loved exploring the best! There was grass and bugs to eat, trees to climb, things to was so much fun!

After awhile she let me go out by myself and that's when the other cats learned to leave me alone! They tried picking on me but I stood up for myself and they saw how sharp my teeth and claws are. They even learned to run away when they saw me coming! I was boss of the yard.

I also found out that I only like boy cats when I start feeling crazy...something makes me go nuts! I liked wrestling with them! But one day I noticed I was getting fatter and my tummy made me waddle a lot! Not too long after that I was having these pains and I wanted to find a safe box to hide in. Mommy must have known what I was thinking cause she gave me a real nice box that had a soft blanket in it. That box made me feel better but not long after that the pains in my tummy got worse! They hurt so bad that I thought I needed the dirt box but I didn't want to leave my comfy box. Then there was this big pain and I just had to go when all of a sudden this thing came out of my butt was all wiggly and something in me told me to clean I did! While this happening my mommy and boy human [BillyRoo] were all excited! They were oohing and awing while this was happening to me...crazy humans! The little wiggly thing was a baby me...humans called it a kitten? Well, this happened to me 5 times and then they started to suck on my boobies and it felt so good that I fell asleep cause I was so tired after all of that messy stuff! My mommy said that I was now a mommy and that I had to look after those things called kittens! I loved all of them...but couldn't tell them apart cause they were all black! Here's a picture of me and my babies...mommy liked putting them outside the box after they were old enough to they could learn to more around more...this only made me worry more!

When my babies were old enough and didn't need me anymore they went outside to live. After awhile I forgot about them and them me.

Well, this happened to me one more time and I knew just what to do...this time I had 5 more babies [again] and they were all white! These ones Mommy said looked just like me and she said that they were Siamese crosses also!

After this happening mommy decided that she didn't want any more kittens so she took me to a weird smelling place and left me there? That was a scary place and the man human poked me with this sharp thing that made me go to sleep and the next thing I remember was waking up to pain and throwing up! I needed my mommy! Finally she showed up and took me out of there! I was sick on the ride back to our place and mommy had a nice soft box for me the lay in! After that I didn't like to wrestle with boy cats anymore!

I was always the boss outside until the outside cats started to have babies and then the mommy cats got really mean! They were acting like Meanie did all of the time and every time I would go outside they would drive me out of the yard. There was an empty building across the road from us and I liked to go there and it had lots of living play toys that tasted pretty good also! So when the cats drove me away I would go there and stay out all night. Sometimes my mommy would come and get me and take me back home. She didn't like me going there!

One day this boy cat came to live in our house and he was an indoor cat...I didn't like him! My mommy said this cat was BillyRoo's cat and they came to stay for good!

Mommy says she need the computer so when you come back I will tell you the story of "Thummer"...the cat with the big feet!


Blue said...

Hi miss Suki!

Have written a nice, well I think so, post about you & mommy QoH...

Strokes & tickles

Blue said...

Forgot to say have listed you in my friends blog next to your mommy!