Monday, August 13, 2007


My mom, Queen of Halloween [QoH], got my human-sister [PoD] to set up a place where I can finally have my say! I figured my continual meowing would drive her nuts enough to get my turn on this thing she calls a blog...cause she really doesn't know what's going on in my head and I want to set the world straight ABOUT EVERYTHING!

First off I want everyone to know that my name is Sukiyama but you can call me Suki! Baby Doodie is my mom's pet name for me and that was the only name the blogger accepted! Seems there is a lot of Suki's out there and I'm number one as far as I'm concerned!

I wanted to let every cat out there know that I'm ready to complain/praise about anything or any topic out there!

I got lots to say!

After all...what do you expect from a Siamese Cat!

Most siamese have a bad rep and I'm not one of them...I'm the nosy kind! I figure that if your talking...I need to be in the conversation and if you don't agree, then I will keep bugging you until you notice me! Anyone who is a nice person, I'll let them pick me up but if your a nasty person, I'll let you know also!

PoD couldn't figure out how to change the history on me cause every time she tried QoH lost her info and mine appear instead...QoH wasn't to happy about that and they figured they'd keep hers instead. You think she'd be happy about bring 10 yrs old instead of the old age of 56! Granted she said that my age equaled hers in human years so what's the big deal?

In my next post I will give you more about me and my life history....cause I am one unusual cat!

So all cats are welcome to visit and maybe even some nice dogs who like cats and need some hints on how to deal with us!


Jackson said...

Hey Suki, Blue sent me over to say hello. I don't usually like cats (apart from my pal Miss Peach Jackson) but if you're a friend of Blue's I'm sure you're OK! J x

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackson! TY for dropping by to say hello. My mommy always reads your blog and likes your attitude seeing as how you could be real cranky with all of your medical problems! I don't like other cats either and I barely put up with my great great grand daughter Thumber! Seeing as your too far away to chase me we could become friends and I like Blue even though she didn't stop in and say hi to me when she was Dodge last! Lots of Meows to you and stay WELL!

Jackson said...

Thank you Suki! J x

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