Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The next day after Meanie and Me got to our new home we spent most of it looking around. It was strange not having our mommies around but I just love my new human mommy. I follow her everywhere!

Meanie is not too happy being here...last night we slept in a strange thing called a box and we got closed up in a room that wasn't like our barn [it smelled nicer] and there were no cows around...which I kind of like cause nothing will step on me. I wonder where the cows are? Although my new Mommy nearly stepped on me cause I like hiding under that long thing she wears! I don't know why I always want to be around her but I do!

My new mommy gave me a new name and she calls me Suki...she says my full name is Sukiyama but I like Suki better...cause it sounds familiar to me like I've heard it before? Our new mommy didn't change Meanie's name cause she says that it suits her...I wonder why?

Mommy wasn't to happy with Meanie cause she says that she keeps peeing everywhere except in the dirt box. I like the dirt box better cause then I can hide where I've been and nobody gets mad at me like they do to Meanie!

We have some neat things to play with and they smell really good! My mommy calls them toys? Meanie always wants to take my toys away from me and even beats me up when I don't let her. She always gets her own way cause she's bigger than me and can be really bad to me when she is angry which seems to be all of the time.
One day a new female human came into our house and said that she really liked Meanie! My mommy said that she could have her cause she didn't like Meanie's attitude...whatever that meant? She picked Meanie up and for the first time I heard Meanie purring...she really liked that new human and never tried to bite her like she did everyone else. This new human even gave Meanie a new name...she called her "Cruella Deville"...Crue for short. Meanie left with that human and I never saw her for a long time after that and when I did I didn't know her any more and we always growled at each other! Crue also became an outdoor cat and my mommy took me to Crue's new place to visit once and I got to see where all the cows went cause she now lives on a new farm. I heard later [after a couple of years] that Crue died trying to give birth to her 3rd batch of kittens...poor Crue!

My mommy spent a lot of time in one room that had lots of boxes in it...she called it her "work" room. I liked that room cause I could hide in these boxes and mommy would throw toys in them for me to find. Sometimes I would scare her by touching her leg when ever she stood by my boxes or pop out when she was trying to get something out of the full ones. Don't I look cute here? Mommy always had an extra chair in her room and I spent sleeping on it. I liked my mommy's chair the best and whenever she got off of it I would jump up on it and make myself comfy. This of course bugged my mommy cause she always had to put me down. I don't know why cause I was only keeping it warm for her!
If you've noticed my face has changed. In the above pictures my face is mostly grey with a white space just before my ears and my tail has stripes? As I got older I lost the white space and my tail is no longer mommy says that because of my genes...I don't wear genes so what's she talking about?

My most favorite time of the year is Halloween and Xmas cause that's when my mommy takes out all of her toys and puts them all over the house for me to play with. Although she says that I'm not supposed to play with them...but what she doesn't know after she goes to bed doesn't hurt her! After all she's always playing with my toys when we play together so why can't I play with hers when she plays with her toys? The one thing she does let me do is play in the paper after they tear them off the boxes at Xmas and I can also play in the boxes...I have so much fun! Then they ruin it all by doing something that they call "cleaning"...this is a confusing times for me also. I hate it when she has to put all of her toys away!See how my fur has changed by the next Xmas? A my mommy says that it's strange how I am darker in the winter than in the summer...I haven't noticed the all tastes the same to me?
Gotta go now so Mommy can get back to to stop wasting time...?


Blue said...

Hi Suki,

Good to met you in person!

What a great start to your blog - you're obviously a natural born blogger...
TH early shots of you are really cute - those odd ones shown on Mommy OoH's blog just didn't do you justice...

Hope you don't mind but will write a nice post on my blog about you, so hoefully, you'll find a few new friends...

If, I may ---
A gentle stroke & tickle to you

Anonymous said...

TY Blue! I loved the gentle pet and tickle! My mommy plans on telling everyone soon about me but you can talk about me all you want...I like being the center of attention!