Saturday, August 25, 2007


Continuing with my saga [as mommy calls it] I left off where this big orange and white cat comes to live with us. The boy human, BillyRoo, moved back in with us and brought his cat with him. Mommy said that BillyRoo had a job far away and needed a home for his cat, Thummer.

Thummer was a big boy cat and he had big feet! One day my mommy showed me his paws and I saw that they didn't look like mine! He had an extra toe pad on the side of his leg and mommy said that made him a "polydactyle" meaning he had 6 toes on all of his feet. She called it his thumb? This made him look real strange and I got to feel the bigness by how hard he would hit me with those big feet! Mommy was always breaking up our fights!

I never liked Thummer cause he was always trying to wrestle me like the outside boy cats used to do and he would also leave his smell all over the house. This made mommy angry! She told BillyRoo that if he wasn't going to get his cat fixed [whatever that meant] he had to go outside. I was hoping for the outside part!

Outside he went...yipee! He didn't come in the house too often after that, except for when BillyRoo would come home and to eat. Mommy said that he wasn't a good mouse catcher and that he preferred the wrestling than to earning his way[what ever that meant] by keeping the rodent population down!

When Thummer was in the house he would steal my blankets and spend most of the day sleeping it away! The Daddy human liked this a lot because Thummer liked doing what he liked doing the most...sleeping!

Thummer would sometimes stay away for a couple of days and this would make mommy worry about him...which was crazy as far as I was concerned...he always showed up after awhile.

Until this one time...the daddy human came into the house with sad news...Thummer got hit on the highway and was now dead! I never really wanted him to die!

The news made mommy really sad and made her feel bad that he had to go outside, against BillyRoos wishes for him not to. Poor BillyRoo had to bury him and mommy attended cause she liked Thummer also! Mommy said that Thummer has a nice new resting place under the trees where BillyRoo used to have his "fort" when he was little.


Mommy said that Thummer left his legacy [whatever that means] in the population of the cats out in the yard.

One day she found that one of my kittens was a mommy also and that one of the kittens born to her was a "poldactyle"! When it was old enough to be away from her mommy, my mommy brought her in to stay with us and become an indoor cat! She called her "Thumber" and she was my great, great grand daughter and Thummer's daughter! What was so great about that? Now I have to share my mommy with her!

My mommy says I got to write about I'll start with just a picture that mommy says is real cute? So stay tuned for part 5...


Blue said...

Good tale this... roll on part 5!

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Jackson said...

I'm waiting for the next installment! J x