Monday, August 20, 2007


It took a long time to scrape up some photos of me when I was little because Mommy QoH is still in the process of unpacking and there is lots of boxes to go through to find anything and waiting on other humans to get her the other photos that were given to the other human that used to live here!

This one makes me look wacky but it's how I looked at 8 weeks and this is my curious look!

I can now start my story which begins on a farm near Fleet Alta. I was born to a litter of 3 and one of my brothers didn't live very long. That left me and my sister. My human mommy called us Eenie and Meanie, me being Eenie. She actually name my sister first cause she was so mean to everybody...not my sister! We were born in the loft of what my humans call a garage and there was lots of room to play. But was also a dangerous place and if you got too close to the doorway you could fall out and that is just what happened to my brother...falling out means you don't come back! One day my mommy Cuddles moved my sister and me to a place they call the barn and we didn't have to worry about that doorway any more. I don't like moving too much as it hurts and mommy had to grab us around the neck and carry us there...that wasn't nice at all! But we had lots or room to play after that and we didn't have to worry about no doorway to fall out of. We did have to worry about these big animals that my human called cows cause they didn't watch where they put their feet and I almost got stepped on!

I loved my human mommy cause she liked to pick me up if I meowed at her long enough and carry me around so I could see what she was doing...she said she should have called me nosy...what ever that means...I'm just curious and I need to know what everyone is doing...that's all! My sister Meanie didn't like being carried around too much and that was okay with me...we didn't like the Man human cause he said that there was too many cats around here and that they should get rid of us...we stayed away from him. Meanie and I had to watch out for the daddy cats cause they were mean to us also and we would run and hide if they came around. We got pretty good at hiding! The boy human was okay and liked to play with us sometimes when he wasn't busy but we would only let our human mommy pick us up! They had a dog that liked to chase us and if we got caught he would slobber all over us and I hate having to clean myself after that cause he taste awful...I don't like dogs too much...they scare me and there always barking at nothing! I don't like being there toy!

My human mommy like to play in the place she called her garden and Meanie and I would play with her. We would hide behind these plants she was playing with and jump out and try to scare her...I liked hearing her laugh! Sometimes she wasn't too happy with us if we did it too much or jumped on those things she was playing with.

One day we saw this big machine stop at her garden and we both ran to hide cause we didn't know who it was and we had learned that some humans aren't nice...especially the little humans! First this female human got out and was walking down talking to my human mommy, something about her made me feel like I knew her but how could I when I never saw her before. Then the boy human got out and I felt like I knew who they were! I decided that I would check them out and left Meanie who wanted to keep hiding. I couldn't keep from running up to them...the feeling I got was too strong and they made me feel happy. I don't know why...they just did! I ran up to the boy and I let him pick me up! He felt so good that he made me purr...something I only did when my human mommy petted me. He carried me to the other human and she wanted to hold me also and I let her. That surprised my human mommy because I don't normally let strangers touch me? But these didn't feel like strangers to me...somehow knew them! Even Meanie let them hold her [when she finally came out of hiding] and that made it even more strange?

My human mommy carried us to the big machine, gave us both a big kiss [she did that a lot] and the next thing I knew we were sitting on this boys lap and we were now inside. I wasn't scared at all...cause they made me feel like I was at home and for once Meanie wasn't complaining either! The loud noise scared us at first and then we started moving. I felt so happy to be there and the boy felt so nice and warm that my sister and I fell asleep.

The next thing I knew we weren't moving anymore and the boy carried us into a big building that we hadn't seen before but it felt like I knew this place cause I wasn't scared. Meanie was and she peed on the floor as soon as the boy put her down! I had to go also but something about the place told me that peeing wasn't allowed inside and I wanted to go downstairs. Why...I don't know? Somehow I felt that I'd been here before! I was right because there was a place for me to pee in downstairs...that even surprised my new mommy!

Somehow I was home...again?

I'm supposed to stop talking so she can get to I'll be back as soon as she lets me again...

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