Sunday, August 26, 2007


The next part about me is not a subject I am too crazy about!


Mommy says the reason that she has more pictures of Thumber when she was little was because she got a new "Digital" camera and could take more pictures without the expense of buying film for the camera she had when I was little. As far as I'm concerned the expense would have been worth it...who wouldn't want cute pictures of me when I was little. I don't really like having my pictures taken by her new camera as it shines a light in my eyes first then flashes again and then I get to see more spots later!

Anyways...Thumber had to stay out in the porch at night time cause mommy said that I wasn't to be trusted around her until she was older and could defend I would pick on a baby....?

This little creature took over everything that I classify as mine and I got pictures to prove it:
This used to be my spring ball toy! Mommy said that I didn't play with it any more so that I should share it with the little brat! I did break it and it no longer stood up properly I gave in and let her have it. Mommy said I still had my toy mice to play with as Thumber wasn't old enough yet to bother with them. The one thing I did like was that she slept a lot [believe it or not...more that I did at that time] and kept away from me when she was awake.
As she got older she even found out the warm spot of my mommy's work chair and began to take over that place also. I got so sick and tired of anyone oohing and awing over her!

Thummer had big feet but this kitten had bigger feet and looked different from his and mine!
My mommy said that Thumber had an extra pad plus toes whereas Thummer had actual thumbs and could grab for things like a human. Thumber's just made her feet and legs bigger! She also looked funny with one of her toes being black while the others were white!

Thumber had a bad habit of chewing on my boxes! Can you imagine the slobber all over the areas where I would rub my mark it as mine...yuk! One day mommy noticed that Thumber's mouth was swollen and it looked like someone had punched her in the mouth...I swear it wasn't me! Seems her chewing habit rubbed her mouth sore and then it got infected...serve her right for slobbering all over my things! The box chewing, happened quite a lot until the infections got really bad! Mommy said that it was abscessed [what ever that meant] because the side of her face got really swollen! She called the vet and they said that it happens a lot with some cats and not to worry too much about it and that it would probably burst on it's own...which it did! There was this gross and yukky smelly stuff all over the house! Thumber did eventually stop chewing my boxes [actually every time she got in my boxes after the pus incident I would chase her out]! Thumber hated having it cleaned daily and would run a hide hoping that mommy couldn't find her...stupid kid...Mommy always knows where we are!
One day Thumber and I were put in the car again and I was worried that we were going to the "smelly place with the man who hurts you" and instead we found ourselves in a really big place with lots of room to run and play in.

Mommy said this was our new home!

"All about Me...part 6" will be about my new home...oh and Thumber's also!


Jackson said...

What funny feet! I hate sharing too. I never share ANYTHING with my dog pals. When they come to visit they don't even get a look in with my stuff. That's just the way I like it! J x

Anonymous said...

Right on! Who wants their slobber all over our things! I saw on your blog that you have a street with your name on it...I can't ever imagine there being a Suki Street! By the way my boy human's middle name is it's a neat name! Have a happy day!
Many Meows...Suki